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Bevor Justin Bieber die Single offiziell veröffentlichte, neckte er Bilder für "Hold on" auf Social-Media-Konten im nächsten Album "Justice", das am 19. März hier veröffentlicht werden soll. "Hold on" und seine charakteristischen Pop-Aromen lassen die Fans voller Hoffnung auf die Rückkehr, das reife und tiefere Image von "Pop Prince" in Justice gespannt sein.

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Hold On - Justin Bieber Text:

I need you to hold on
Heaven is a place not too far away
We all know I should be the one
To say we all make mistakes (We all make mistakes)
Take my hand and hold on
Tell me everything that you need to say
'Cause I know how it feels to be someone (Someone)
Feels to be someone who loses their way

You're looking for answers in a place unknown
You need the connection but you can't get close (Can't get close)

Painting stars up on your ceiling
'Cause you wish that you could find some feeling, yeah, you
You know you can call me if you need someone