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Eminem on Wednesday said no bats were harmed during the making of the music video for his new single "Gnat". On “Gnat,” the third promotional single from Eminem’s Music to Be Murdered By project, the veteran rapper covers such topics as the COVID-19 pandemic, his former addiction to valium, and Donald Trump’s administration.

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They say these bars are like COVID (bars are like COVID)
You get 'em right off the bat (you get 'em right off the bat)
Infected with SARS and Corona (infected with SARS and Corona)
Like you took a bite off of that (damn)
Then it goes from Martian to human (yeah)
That's how the virus attacks (that's how the virus attacks)
They come at me with machine guns (brr)
Like trying to fight off a gnat (yeah, yeah)

And d.a. got that dope he sends to me (uh-huh)
It's like pneumonia symptoms and contracting COVID instantly
Which is what separates my flow from theirs
So that no one gets even close to this to pose a risk to me
So vocalistically (what), that's social distancing (yeah)
Flow going viral, you best stay strapped
With that Lysol and get way back
Get that Pine-Sol and that Ajax
'Cause this dry cough is just like football umpires callin' a playback
Bitch, back the fuck up like fifteen yards, these rhymes call for a face mask (face mask)
'Nother fourteen-day quarantine, they're cordoning off everything